Safety announcement > Recognize Federal Mogul's pads

Instructions to recognize Federal Mogul’s pads of the batch 672

  • Disassemble the brake pads from the caliper;
  • Check if the number 672 is written on the back plate (as per the image below)

Possible results

  • The number written on the pads is the 672.
    Please, contact your distributor in order to substitute the pads for free and to give back your pads of the batch 672.
  • The number written on the pads is not readable.
    Please, contact your distributor for more information
  • The number written is not the 672.
    The pads and caliper are not involved in this recall campaign and are safe.

If you have bought only pads, the distributor is:

Country Society Contact
Czech Republic ELIT CZ, spol. s r.o.
Czech Republic Motorquality S.p.A.
France S.E.M.C. SARL
Germany Motorquality S.p.A.
Germany POLO Motorrad und Sportswear GMBH
Germany Simon Hagl GmbH
Germany Hermann Hartje KG
Greece Motorquality S.p.A.
Holland Hoco Parts B.V.
Italy Motorquality S.p.A.
Spain Transmision Grand Prix S.L.
Spain Industrias Vicma S.A.

If you have bought calipers or kits, the distributor is:

Country Society Contact
Germany, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy Motorquality S.p.A.
China, Hong Kong Star Bike Ltd
Japan Brembo Japan Co. Ltd
Taiwan Ferranni Enterprise Co. Ltd
Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines Hokada Motoworld Pte Ltd
UK Mode Performance Ltd
USA Race Technologies LLC
Thailand Riders’ Club
Spain V2 Motorsport Logistic, SL