Safety announcement

Brembo’s motorcycle brake pad supplier, Federal Mogul Italia, has advised Brembo of technical problems that have occurred during its manufacturing process which may have compromised the quality of a batch of pads manufactured by the supplier.
According to Federal Mogul Italia, the only batch of pads affected was Batch #672.

The potential defect in the pads could compromise the vehicle brake performance, with safety risks for the rider.

As a preventative measure, Brembo has elected to proceed with a recall of all brake pads and brake calipers fitted with Federal Mogul pads from Batch #672.

The pads and calipers were sold in Brembo kits as replacement spare parts.

To check the Brembo kits involved in the recall campaign, the instructions to recognize if the pads belong to the batch 672, as well as the list of distributors to be contacted for any other information, please log on to Recognize Federal Mogul's pads.

The recall campaign concerns only Brembo kits indicated in the above website and does not affect or relate to any other brake pads, calipers or spare parts kits sold by Brembo.

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.